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★ Quality management


We believe that good quality is made, not tested. We integrate the quality awareness of all staff into the process of manufacturing products

Strict quality inspection standards have been established for every process, from raw material purchase to processing to final packaging and shipment,

And effective implementation, while using advanced quality management techniques, process quality control and error prevention in advance.


◆ Process operation instruction:
        After receiving the order of each part, the engineer of the engineering department shall analyze the process first, and then prepare the process flow. The operator shall operate according to the process flow。


◆ Process guidance document: process drawing
        When necessary, the engineering department shall make single process drawings, so that the operators and inspectors can grasp the quality key points more simply and spontaneously。

◆ Self inspection specification and self inspection:
       QA of quality department makes self inspection specification, and operation personnel of production department self inspection and self inspection record。


◆ First inspection specification and first inspection
QA of quality department shall formulate the first inspection specification, and ipqc of quality department shall record the first inspection and first inspection。


◆ Finished product inspection specification and finished product inspection:

QA of the quality department shall formulate the finished product inspection specifications, and FQC shall conduct sampling inspection and judgment according to AQL = 0.65 and IL = II standards, and conduct full sampling if it fails to meet the standards;

Material certificate and finished product test report shall be attached for each shipment


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