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What are the reasons for deformation of CNC precision parts after machining?

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What are the reasons for deformation of CNC precision parts after machining?

Pengshun is a professional company engaged in precision parts processing, complex parts processing, titanium alloy parts processing and non-standard parts processing, we are focusing on semiconductor, new energy, medical, photography and optical communication and other fields.What are the reasons for the deformation of CNC precision parts after processing?

1. It is related to the material use and structure of CNC precision parts.

   The deformation of CNC precision parts is related to the complexity of the shape, the external dimensions of the parts and the wall thickness of the parts.In addition, it is also absolutely related to the rigidity and stability of the parts material .

2.Stress deformation occurs after CNC precision parts are processed

  After CNC precision parts are processed,there is a relatively balanced state of internal stress.Although the shape of the precision parts is relatively stable at this time, the internal stress will change after the removal of some materials and heat treatment,at this time, the parts need to get back to force equilibrium.To improve this state, it can be solved by heat treatment.We need to stack the parts that need to be corrected to a certain height, use certain tools to clamp them into a flat state, and then put the parts and tools together in the heating furnace.According to the different materials of the parts, choose different heating temperatures and heating times. After thermal correction, the internal structure of CNC precision parts can be kept stable.