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The role of four axis machining center in economic development.

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The development of CNC four-axis machining center is an inevitable choice on the road of national industrialization.China Processing Center Tool Industry Association has organized users many times, and the conclusion drawn from the survey :  Aerospace, aviation, national defense and military manufacturing industries need large, high-speed, precision, multi-axis, efficient CNC machining centers; The automobile, motorcycle and home appliance manufacturing industries require highly efficient, highly reliable and highly automated CNC machining centers and complete flexible production lines; Power station equipment,

Shipbuilding,metallurgical and petrochemical equipment,manufacturing of rail transit equipment requires CNC machining centers featuring high precision and heavy weight; IT, bioengineering and other high-tech industries require nanoscale,submicron ultra-precision  CNC machining center; The industrial upgrading of traditional manufacturing industries, such as engineering four-axis processing center and agricultural four-axis processing center, as well as the development of private enterprises, also require a large number of CNC processing centers.

Four-axis processing center industry is the basic industry of national economy,the development of CNC four-axis machining center industry is a very important indicator to measure the degree of industrialization of the whole country.CNC machining center industry is also the foundation of four-axis machining center industry,it provides working mother machines to the four axis machining center industry. In the modern machining center industry, the mainstream product is the CNC machining center,they bring together the exquisite technology of precision four-axis machining center, computer, communication hydraulics, pneumatics, photoelectric and other disciplines.With high efficiency, high precision, high automation and high flexibility and other great characteristics, is the modern four axis machining center manufacturing base and core.

Selection method of boring tool reference for four-axis machining center, the choice of boring tool benchmark is not the same according to the different processing,In general, we should pay attention to the rigidity of the system itself,dynamic balance, flexibility, reliability, operation convenience, life and cost.

There are now a variety of modular boring and cutter systems on the market,they are connected in different ways.

CNC four-axis machining center is an indispensable strategic material for national defense industry.Many complex and high precision parts in the national defense industry need to use multi-axis linkage, high precision and high speed CNC machining center.In the late 1970s and early 1980s, the former Soviet Union secretly purchased six large five-axis CNC machining centers from Toshiba Four-axis Machining Center of Japan,they machining high precision and low noise propeller,

This improved the performance of nuclear submarines and made it difficult for the US Navy to track them, which led to the Toshiba incident, in which the US imposed sanctions on Japan.

Of course, those high performance, high precision CNC machining centers in the overall machining center product share in a small proportion,even the total processing center industry is a small part of the national economy. However, due to the important strategic position of CNC machining center in national economy and national defense construction,so developed countries are still sparing no effort to protect and support their own processing center industries.

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