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Analyze the internal structure of CNC lathe machining

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The process of tool changing in CNC lathe is complicated. We shall first install all the cutting tools needed in the lathe machining process on the normative handle respectively. After the size is pre-adjusted outside the machine, it shall be put into the tool cutter warehouse according to certain methods.Select the tool cutter in the tool store before changing the tool cutter,and the cutter is removed from the cutter house and spindle by the cutter AC equipment.After the tool cutter exchange, load the new tool cutter into the spindle and put the old tool cutter back in the tool store.The storage tool has a larger capacity, it can be installed on the side of the spindle box or above, but also as a separate component installed outside the machine tool, there are variety of tool cutter.

Now let's first talk about the variety of cutter storehouse in the processing base.Using the judging function of the machining base, the Z-axis setter is placed on the upper surface of the workpiece,take No. 1 tool from the tool store and install it on the spindle,use this tool to determine the z-zero bias of the workpiece coordinate system,input Z to the zero offset value into the corresponding length offset code of the machine tool,the number is determined by G43, G44 in the program.If the length offset instruction in the program is G43, the z-bias value of the input gas is transferred to the corresponding length offset code of the machine tool.Nowadays, with the development of computer technology, the continuous expansion of processing education, the continuous increase of processing simulation system, and its functions are becoming more and more perfect.Thus it can be used to start the inspection program: Investigate the motion of the cutter to determine if there may be bumps.

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