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The development direction of precision machining of titanium alloy.

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In the precision machined parts of titanium alloy, many factors have influence on the surface machined quality,such as tool geometric parameters, spindle rotation accuracy, sliding plate motion accuracy, vibration and isolation, system stability.These factors have their own regularity,these regular influencing factors and inherent rules have an impact on the surface processing quality.In order to achieve ultra-precision turning, it is necessary to optimize the cutting parameters and predict the surface roughness to be obtained.Through the study of the influence factors of surface roughness analysis model theory,then the machine tool, unit parts, cutting tools, cutting mechanism and cutting technology can be further studied.There are many factors that affect the machining appearance quality, such as cutting performance of materials, spindle movement accuracy, sliding plate movement accuracy, vibration and isolation, cutting tool and cooling, cutting parameters and environmental conditions, etc.These factors with their complicated laws influence the machining process of the workpiece,the regularity of these factors also has the property of fractal.

The manufacturing technology of precision machined parts of titanium alloy will develop in three directions:

1.With the need for cutting-edge technology and products,the new machining mechanism is explored, and the machining precision of nanoscale and sub-nanoscale is achieved.

2.Under the demand of national economic development and the improvement of people's living standard, enter the main battlefield of national economy and improve the country's economic strength.Such as, automobile manufacturing, computer, communication network, optical disc, household appliances and so on all closely rely on the support of ultra-precision manufacturing technology.

3.With the development of modern manufacturing technology, interdisciplinary research and the increasingly prominent features of composite processing technology. Precision machining and ultra-precision machining developed not only as an independent discipline,moreover, it will take the form of more interdisciplinary disciplines, and even form new disciplines.

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